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Surf3 is brought to you, at no cost to you, apart from a local rate telephone call. To cover the costs of providing telephone technical support, it is available for Surf3 on a premium rate number. Before calling, check out our comprehensive online Support Area - free.

We have constructed additional pages of information to assist you, and to try to answer most technical questions you may have - so that you don't need to call the Helpline too often. Meantime, you can always send us questions by email to support@surf3.net. We will try to answer most questions within 24 hours.

Using the Surf 3 proxy server will speed up your web browsing and downloading. To activate the proxy server on your connection, click here.

To set up your PC or another PC with your account details, click here.

Quick Reference Guide:

Dial-up Numbers
DescriptionDial-up Number
v90 Modems0845 662 1551
128k ISDN0845 662 1451
General0845 662 1051
56k Flex Modems0845 662 1151
64k ISDN0845 662 1351


  • POP3 - Incoming Mail: pop3.surf3.net
  • SMTP - Outgoing Mail: smtp.surf3.net
  • Your website: www.username.surf3.net

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